McCaul St. Memorial Co-op

Photo by Laura Jones, Toronto, ON 1970

2 Responses to “McCaul St. Memorial Co-op”

  1. Anthony says:

    I live on McCaul actually, so I am curious – why were people being evicted on that street. I understand that the AGO and an art college are on my street, but were people evicted for the new developments? Bit lost here.


  2. Laura Jones says:

    Hi Anthony,

    During the 1970s there were a few co-op houses on McCaul St. between Baldwin and College. The name McCaul St. Memorial Co-op, as far as I can remember, was a name created in memory of the co-ops. The people who had lived in the co-ops on McCaul St. supported the people who were being evicted.

    The photo was actually taken on Beverly St. during a protest about demolishing a lively immigrant reception neighborhood in order to build an 18 story electrical transformer. Buisnesses on Baldwin (between Henry and Beverly) closed. Most residents on Henry, Cecil, Beverly, and Baldwin moved – some voluntarily, some evicted.

    The transformer was not built. Because of the community resposnse and support by the University Settlement House (particularly Kay Parsons) and politicians (including John Sewell) small businesses and social housing took its place.

    And Baldwin Street remains a vibrant neighborhood.