Cross Gang Portrait – Point Blank Free School

Photo by John F. Phillips, Toronto, ON, 1968

22 Responses to “Cross Gang Portrait – Point Blank Free School”

  1. james phillips says:

    I am curious if anyone knows anything about what may have happened to the members of this gang. I was a close friend of one of the former members. could someone possibly get back to me on this?

  2. papa says:

    Hey James
    Past member of C.G do you Know me PAPA Several years ago I was at Johns Phillips House
    east of Riverdale park Not sure of the side street ? Anyways I bought 6 photo’s of the Gang members IM NOT IN ANY Back then I didn’t think it was cool to picture taking .Crazy eh.
    Im very sorry to hear of John passing. Take care Allen

  3. luke says:

    hey jim—still looking huh?—same here—still haven’t found any new info yet

  4. james phillips says:

    Allen I was a close friend of Jack He died on Dec 21, 2013. i would like to see the pictures you have. I lived in British Columbia Port Alberni. I come back around Christmas every year. Perhaps something could be arranged for then. Take care. Jim.

  5. james phillips says:

    I was wondering if the person in the picture upper right is Jack.It looks a lot like it could have been him. Top row far right. Take care Jim.

  6. Lora Carrigan says:

    the guy with shirt open & cross on his chest. was Ernie Carrigan from Nova Scotia.
    My father.

  7. Nancy carrigan says:

    ernie carrigan was my husband for 21 years until he passed away in 1990 at the age of 38. I gave my dauhter, Lora my point blank magazine from 1969 and she went online and found this site. This is totally awsome. I felt like I was sixeen again and living on Parliment St again. I believe one of the cross gang members is Pat Dubay who was going out with a girl named Patsy.
    Allen, I would love to see the six photos you bought of the cross gang. One of the other members was called Mike i believe but i don`t remember his last name
    Nancy Carrigan

  8. Sue says:

    Top row, second from the left. Ernie Carrigan, was my brother in law. We lost him far too soon! Passed away many years ago.

  9. Ernie carrigan says:

    I’m the son of one of them in picture

  10. Jim Phillips says:

    It was great to get a response. I would like to see the pictures as well. I live in Port Alberni BC. I come to Toronto in DEcember each year to see my family for Christmas. I would like to meet up with someone who knows a bit about the cross gang and all. Perhaps we can work on something between now and then. Jim.

  11. Billy debaie says:

    My father is pat debaie. Think he was a member of the cross gang if ya have any pic or anything could ya send them to me please .

  12. Pat Debaie says:

    Hi this is pat and patsy debaie ,my son just showed us this sight.we are living in nova scotia 45 years still together love to hear from the gang

    pat and patsy

  13. Tricia DeBaie says:

    My Dad is Pat DeBaie. He’s in the bottom row, on the right. Awesome picture!! If anyone has any other pictures of the gang, please send them to us.


  14. Allen Pohier says:

    Hey Jim
    Are you Johns son or ? I can meet up with you some time and fill you in of some stories of the Cross Gang. Next time your in Toronto

  15. Allen Pohier says:

    Any one seen TEA BAG?

  16. Papa says:

    The Picture above I believe from top left on is:
    Guss /Ernie/ Art/ Welden / Lenard / Madge /& Greg

  17. Jim Phillips says:

    Sounds good to me. I will be in Toronto in December to make my annual visit with my family. We can make more definite plans closer to the time. I am really looking forward to it very much. Jim.

  18. Jim Phillips says:

    Hi Allen I will be in the Toronto area from DEc 17 . Maybe we could arrange to get together then so you could tell me a little more about the cross gang. My address is

  19. Brook says:

    My father is Arthur. One left from the top right corner. Please give me a shout if you there is any more pics!

  20. John Cormier says:

    The fellow, first row middle, is Joseph Magelan. Sang in a garage band called Magelans Voyage. Upper right at the end is John Deas I believe.

    John Cormier
    (Lived at Wellesley and Sackville)

  21. Tammy says:

    Does anybody know a Billy Debaie that lived in Springhill and would now be in his 70’s maybe 80’s? I know he lived on Mechanic St. about 50 years ago. Just wondering if anybody has any information?