Assembling “Manual for Draft-Age Immigrants to Canada”

Photo by Laura Jones, Toronto, ON, 1967

One Response to “Assembling “Manual for Draft-Age Immigrants to Canada””

  1. LANCE COWAN says:

    This group of dedicated people saved my life in 1969 when as a Deserter from the U.S. military was given safe haven in a house with others awaiting C.O. Status or help geting status to live leagally in Canada’ their were only one of two countries who accepted us during the Vietnam War!!! I lost my how to book and wish I could get another but they are hard to find these days. I am willing to pay a reasonable amount so please have someone contact me with info on how to do this.
    Yours now a proud Canadian and ex- Greenpeacer who was on the James Bay during Greenpeace VII… Thanks in advance,
    Lance Charles Cowan ex Gunners Mate 3rd Class at the “Inshore Undersea Warfare Group” in Norfolk Virginia, USA until I deserted after hearing the horror stories of other men who had been with the Group during the last deployment along the rivers of Vietnam!!!
    You save my life,